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Black Sock Productions ltd.

The whole concept behind “black socks” is that they stand out from white socks (the usual).

I take the same concept with our videos. Whether it’s a music video, commercial, movie, documentary, promo etc. I want my videos to stand out and be something different. I want my videos to entertain, I want them to promote, and I want them to inspire. So in a sense B.S.P. is more than just a Denver video production company, it is a company that can help promote, express, or show people and their dreams/ideas through video/movies. Our motto is “life is a movie. Film it like one.”

If you live in the Denver area you have one of the best video production companies in your own back yard. While our offices are right in the heart of the booming Denver economy our video production takes us all around the United States. We specialize in getting your video to stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a music video, commercial, wedding video, documentary or other creative projects black sock productions final product will jump off screen. You’ll want to share and re-watch your video long after it’s been released.

About Jonathan “Jmart”  Martin

I try to bring a unique and creative element to every project I work on, that might not be seen elsewhere. With so many wedding videos, music videos, promotional videos out there, I never saw why the envelope wasn’t pushed to create something greater. This is the approach that I decided I would take when I started B.S.P. Whether it means that I cut a video a certain way, or perhaps that I bring a big cinematic feel to a project that others may deem “small”, I try to give each client something fresh and exciting, all while maintaining a level of quality. I truly do have a passion for video and creating art, and I think that plays to my clients advantage; I say this because I push to make every video I do, something that is better than the previous one… and your video is next.