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Black Sock Productions is a Denver video production company with a versatile background in commercials, wedding videos, music videos, creative projects, documentaries and more!

Black Sock productions believes that “life is a movie, film it like one.”

Denver is the perfect place to capture your everyday life and put it on screen. It’s a young, booming and up and coming city that is going through exciting changes for the better. Why not capture this for you to keep and share for as long as you live?

Black Sock productions expertise is versatility. Our busiest season is during the summer when most people choose to get married. Our wedding videos jump off screen like nothing else you’ve seen in Denver. We also have strong ties in the Denver music seen doing several videos for up and coming and established musicians. If you have any questions on how to put your project together and on screen give us a call so we can put it in action right away!

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